Cobalt Blue Betty Teapot

Adderley Ceramics up to date twist on a timeless teapot design.

Enjoy your brew as we British do! This classic 2-Cup Brown Betty teapot is finished in our dark cobalt blue coloured glaze.

This handmade traditional Brown Betty Teapot is crafted from red clay and beautifully finished in our special glaze which helps to make a better brew and also facilitates longer heat retention.

It is manufactured here at Adderley Ceramics.

  • Made in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England.
  • The back stamp under the teapot base reads: “Original Betty, Made in England, Adderley Ceramics.”
  • The “Union Jack” shown is a removable sticker.

Please Note: Our Betty teapots are a natural product, manufactured using traditional methods; By the nature of our original Betty Teapot Design, we do not recommend them to be placed on any heat sources! For example, a tea cosy, left on stove tops or Arga-type stovetops. Also, Betty Teapots are not designed to be placed/used in microwaves or dishwashers. For optimal care, please only rinse the pot with warm soapy water. Sadly, warranty returns are only possible if we deem that the above guidelines have been followed. Our Original Betty Teapots are born of a design and time that predates microwaves, dishwashers and modern appliances. Please be mindful of this in everyday use.