The Traditional
Genuine Brown Betty Teapot

Our British Heritage since 1700

Brown Betty teapots are a type of teapot that has been around since the 17th century.

The Genuine Brown Betty teapot has a long history, they were first made in Stoke-on-Trent, England. The first pottery makers to produce them were James and William Wedgwood.

Genuine Brown Betty Teapot

Our Beautifully Crafted & Time Honoured, Genuine Brown Betty Teapots.

A Potted History!

A considerable amount of time has been spent researching the genuine Brown Betty teapot. We have found the original recipe as used by the Elder Brothers in 1695, for Red Terracotta Clay and Rockingham Brown Glaze and sourced the raw materials from the UK, which we use in the manufacturing of our products today. In-depth trials have been carried out to establish the correct firing temperatures of the different stages of manufacturing. Our teapot shape was designed from an original Brown Betty found in a garden shed in the UK, dating back to World War 2.

This design is exclusive to Adderley Ceramics!

Succeeding generations of English families have proved that Brown Betty teapots make the best pot of tea in the world! The shape of the pot causes the tea leaves to be gently swirled around as the boiling water is added, thus producing an exquisite infusion.

The Red Terracotta Clay with its Rockingham Glaze coddles the brew and gives the perfect cup of tea. These teapots also keep the water hotter for longer.

Our Betty Teapots info

Our betty teapot capacities are quite generous based on 7.5fl oz per teacup

There is no need to overfill the teapot to get the required amount of tea plenty of room for the lid to fit without overflowing

The two-cup betty holds over 3 cups of tea ideal for that extra top-up to your morning cuppa! also offers excellent value for money

Average 2 cup betty teapot capacity 22oz/1pint.
Average 2 cup betty teapot weight 1lb/450g.
Average 4 cup betty teapot capacity 30oz/1.5 pints.
Average 4 cup betty teapot weight 1.5lb/675g.
Average 6 cup betty teapot capacity 45oz/2.25 pints.
Average 6 cup betty teapot weight 1.75lb/800g.
Average 8 cup betty teapot capacity 60oz/3 pints.
Average 8 cup betty teapot weight 2lb/900g

Our betty teapots are also available in a Cobalt blue glaze.

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